Monday, May 22, 2017

Spring Inspired Bedroom

Our bedroom is pretty neutral and I usually love the monochromatic look, however, now that Spring is here I found myself wanting a bit more color. I have played around with blues and soft greens in this room but I really wanted something bold. Usually when I am out in stores searching for something specific I never find it. I went to Homegoods many, many times and I just wasn't finding what I wanted. I took a trip to West Elm with my girls and we walked around for a while because honestly, I can live in that store. I just love everything! We were about to leave when my eye caught 2 pillows (kind of hidden) on a low shelf. I ran over (like I found a pot of gold or something) and there they were, the perfect pillows. These pillows didn't only offer color but they also have beautiful abstract art printed on a luxurious silk fabric. That was it!! I brought them back home and threw a coral throw which I already had and those 3 items really gave this bedroom life. It's the little things right?
I have linked items below...Happy Shopping!

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