Monday, May 15, 2017

Family Room Remodel

This is my most recent project I designed. I met with my clients who wanted to transform their great room into a bright yet rustic style.

What they had previously was an outdated and dark room. The only non-negotiable was keeping their current sofa sectional. The color of the sectional was a deep burgundy. As much as I wanted them to go lighter, the family agreed that this is something they didn't want to get rid of. I wanted to make sure since we were keeping their sofa that we made everything else in the room light and airy.
The first area I tackled was the focal point of the room which was the fireplace. They had almost floor to ceiling mirrors above a non-existent mantle framed in brass. We decided on cultured stone in a variety of different shades to not only offer some interest to the wall, but also add texture. We also had a custom rustic mantle installed which brought in that rustic feel.

Below is the "After" of the fireplace:

The floors were once a rusty orange color which we had striped and stained to a light, walnut shade. Next up was paint. The walls previously were a yellow/green color. Since we were removing the majoprity of their window treatments, I wanted to go a creamy, beige color (BM Bleeker Beige).


After Photos:

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