Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Styling Our Master Bedroom

Today I am sharing my side of the bed which is obviously very different than my husband's side of the bed. Lets start off with this mirrored chest. I wanted a touch of glam and he did not and that's ok. His side is a bit more masculine with a darker wooden chest. Aside from wanting some feminine touches, I fell in love with these glass, mirrored lamps. Luckily, he liked them too (he's pretty easy-going). So, we both have the same lamps which gives the room symmetry. I think it would've bothered me if he had a different lamp but that's just me :)
I found this beautiful white greek key bedding which is so simple with the trim. In my opinion, I don't think this bedding is either feminine or masculine, it's just perfect and makes us both happy! I style my nightstand with pretty pieces such as an antique perfume bottle and a room spray (current one is lavender for the Spring/Summer), also helps with sleeping.

The one thing we both wanted was a streamline headboard and this one was the perfect height and what I love about it is the nailhead trim. This boarder gives the space a dramatic look but not over the top. We went with a light linen fabric (easy to clean).

We are very happy with the final outcome of our bedroom. The key to styling this space was wanting it to feel tranquil and relaxing and I think we achieved that.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a very busy weekend with family & friends. Did a lot of running around trying to get our backyard ready for all our guests. We did run into a problem with opening our pool :( It was green and it still hasn't changed. My husband is doing everything needed with chemicals to get the pool to turn blue (crossing fingers). Aside from that, we managed to get a lot of planting done (yay)! To be honest, this is my husbands' area. He knows his plants and has a method. I try to assist but only get so far.

On my Instagram story, I shared how I got my outdoor cushions bright white and wow, what a response from you guys. I must've received 50 direct messages asking how so here is the process below:

I also used this process not only on my black & white cushions but my cream lounge chair cushions as well (no bleach spots)!

*Comment below if you tried this and how it worked out for you.

On Sunday, we had friends over. Since it was a small dinner party outdoors, I decided to use our outdoor dining plates (sometimes I get lazy & use paper plates). The patio table you see below is brand new because our other table broke after 20 years. This table is soooooo nice. We already had the chairs from our previous set so I prayed this new table matched and it did!! The one feature I love about this table is it extends, yes, extends from 78"-90". Rarely see this in an outdoor table. I am linking it down below because it is currently on SALE.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend, and THANK YOU to those who have served and are serving our country. This day is about you!


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spring Refresh Guest Bathroom

Monday, May 22, 2017

Spring Inspired Bedroom

Our bedroom is pretty neutral and I usually love the monochromatic look, however, now that Spring is here I found myself wanting a bit more color. I have played around with blues and soft greens in this room but I really wanted something bold. Usually when I am out in stores searching for something specific I never find it. I went to Homegoods many, many times and I just wasn't finding what I wanted. I took a trip to West Elm with my girls and we walked around for a while because honestly, I can live in that store. I just love everything! We were about to leave when my eye caught 2 pillows (kind of hidden) on a low shelf. I ran over (like I found a pot of gold or something) and there they were, the perfect pillows. These pillows didn't only offer color but they also have beautiful abstract art printed on a luxurious silk fabric. That was it!! I brought them back home and threw a coral throw which I already had and those 3 items really gave this bedroom life. It's the little things right?
I have linked items below...Happy Shopping!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Family Room Remodel

This is my most recent project I designed. I met with my clients who wanted to transform their great room into a bright yet rustic style.

What they had previously was an outdated and dark room. The only non-negotiable was keeping their current sofa sectional. The color of the sectional was a deep burgundy. As much as I wanted them to go lighter, the family agreed that this is something they didn't want to get rid of. I wanted to make sure since we were keeping their sofa that we made everything else in the room light and airy.
The first area I tackled was the focal point of the room which was the fireplace. They had almost floor to ceiling mirrors above a non-existent mantle framed in brass. We decided on cultured stone in a variety of different shades to not only offer some interest to the wall, but also add texture. We also had a custom rustic mantle installed which brought in that rustic feel.

Below is the "After" of the fireplace:

The floors were once a rusty orange color which we had striped and stained to a light, walnut shade. Next up was paint. The walls previously were a yellow/green color. Since we were removing the majoprity of their window treatments, I wanted to go a creamy, beige color (BM Bleeker Beige).


After Photos: