Saturday, October 11, 2014

Homegoods Shopping Day

Yesterday I popped on over to my local Homegoods to see what they got in. I wasn't looking for anything special but you never know what gems you will find. I walked through the aisles just admiring all the great pieces displayed on their shelves. It's like window shopping on Madison Ave in NYC (at least for me). I always get my inspiration for home decor from design magazines and then I take a mental pictures of what I love. There's a lot of patience that goes into waiting for those replica accents to show face at Homegoods but on those magical days, they do. 

Now, a lot of what I see in magazines are very expensive so I look for pieces that replicate that piece. 

I have been in love with the Arteriors horn for quite some time. Here's a picture below of the actual arteriors horn ($420 set of 2) :

Well, yesterday was my lucky day. Look what I found at homegoods on CLEARANCE for $15.99...

I'm so pleased with my purchase. Thank you Homegoods for always coming through. 

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