Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back-to-School Countdown

So, I'm seeing all these Facebook posts about how excited some mom's are that school is almost here. I personally have to disagree. I actually dread the first day of school. That means, routines, early mornings, outfits picked out the night before but changed by your child the morning of school, making lunches, homework, projects, driving the kids to and from their activities, cramming dinner in between all the craziness, projects, book reports, it's endless. I soak up everyday the summer has to offer. I know it has to come to an end, but I'm just not one of those mom's looking forward to the madness. There's 1 more week until that day, so until then, we're going to enjoy the freeness that summer has to offer.  Don't rush time, you can never get it back. Enjoy the memories!  

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