Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Outdoor Entertaining Tip of The Day

On the East coast, it can get pretty hot and humid on those summer days. I love to entertain outdoors but I don't like having to constantly go back and fourth into the house to grab drinks, food, etc. We, of course own those ugly coolers you see people bringing to the beach. We have used them to house drinks in the backyard but I always hated looking at those things. I have a very pretty setup in the yard with a gazebo, conversation set, fireplace, pool and then I'd look to get a drink and there it was, the big, blue, plastic cooler. Makes me have a sour look on my face. After much thinking and searching on Pinterest, I came across this clever idea of filling an urn up with ice and either storing wine bottles for adult eentertaining or soda cans for bbq's, what have you. There are so many different options you can buy and you can get them cheap at Homegoods, Marshall's, TJMaxx, even your local nurseries. They really make for a beautiful display and you can serve appetizers right around the urn like it's pictured below:"

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