Sunday, June 30, 2013

Creating a Home Office space

Finding the perfect desk is not an easy task. I believe this is where you need to start the vision before anything else. I have been in the market for the "perfect" desk for almost a year. I needed something chic, with the right width, height and depth. Sounds easy? It wasn't. Finally, today, I found it! This desk has all the right dimensions and has the look & style I was going after. It brings a little glamour to my office while also giving an antique aged look as well.

Since I am an Interior Decorator, I am all about design first. I create mood boards for my clients, so I need a desk that was wide and deep enough for me to work on. It serves both function and aesthetic purposes. Best of both worlds :)

This is just the beginning to designing my own home office. I will be posting photos with my other findings so stay tuned......