Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring is right around the corner!

As Spring arrives on the scene, use these ideas to update your home with a fresh new style.
As the days begin to get longer and the sun starts to peep through the gray skies here in New Jersey, I am getting excited about the arrival of Spring. People start to work in their yards, tulips and daffodils begin to spring up. As the Spring season arrives, I find that people get excited about their homes again and want to fling open the curtains, lift the blinds and let a little sunshine into that winterized space. You can add pops of seasonal color to your living room with simple throw pillows. Changing the covers on your pillow from season to season makes you feel like you have a brand new space every few months.

If you are a bit bolder you can go for some new chairs in vibrant patterns or colors to add a bit of punch to the room.

If you want to bring the spring into the bedroom, you can always opt for some new sheets or bed linens to add some fun and personality to the space.


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