Thursday, January 10, 2013

Grand foyer, small space

No matter what size foyer you have in your home, there is always a way to make it appear grander than the space may provide. Foyer size does not dictate the feeling of the space, as much as foyer decor. If you are attempting to make a grand entryway in your small foyer, take a look at the tips below. They are practical and inexpensive.

Lighten Up the Walls

One of the first things that you will need to do in your small foyer is to paint it. Forget the dark, dramatic colors of cavernous foyers and focus on a lighter, brighter, neutral color instead. A cheery, buttercup yellow or a creamy tan are great choices for making your small foyer appear larger. This is especially important if your foyer has no natural lighting.

After the walls have been lightened, it is time to add some accent colors back into the foyer's decor. The rest of the home's decor and style will help to dictate the accent colors that you use. Modern homes would benefit from cooler accent colors in the foyer, or with a bold color that is incorporated into the rest of the home's design. It is a good idea not to use the primary bold color as the main color in the foyer, because it will most likely be too overwhelming. However, when used as an accent color, it can help to tie the foyer into the rest of the home. The same is true for more traditional decors. Pulling an accent color that is present in other areas of the home into the foyer's decor, is a great way to create a common theme throughout the house.

Accent Pieces

Flowers, candles and a foyer table can make a huge difference in the way a home's entrance is perceived. Whether it is simple or elaborate, the effect can still be grand depending on how the accent pieces are presented. Create a display that reflects the look you are after. A large, floral display may look ideal in a large foyer, but for a smaller foyer, that same display will need to be cut back to scale. Try not to add too many accent pieces to the small foyer, as they will make the space appear much smaller than it actually is. The last thing that you want to do in a small foyer is to create a feeling of clutter. To that end, opt for pieces of furniture and accessories are open and airy. For example, wrought iron grilles or open grid style contemporary metal sculptures add flair without feeling overbearing. This will still provide an elegant look, but will not overpower the small foyer space.

Making a grand entryway from a small foyer can be done with some quick and easy alterations. When you transform a small space into a grand area, you transform the way people think of your home upon entering.

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