Friday, May 18, 2012

Small Space Solutions for Every Room

Design Small Rooms to Multitask
    If your house is too small to meet all your needs, gear spaces for double duty. A daybed anchors this living room by mimicking the look of a trendy, extra-deep designer sofa -- and scores space for guests to sleep. Look for a daybed with a solid back for all-day lounging support. Cap off the ends with a pair of bolster pillows to imitate the rolled arms of a sofa. Two small tables work together as a larger coffee table but move aside easily to give guests more space.
Choose Small-Scale Furnishings
    Small spaces are quickly overwhelmed by large or overstuffed furnishings. Choose neatly upholstered pieces with compact frames and slimmed-down, leggy pieces without skirted bottoms that allow you to see through them to the walls and floors. In this living room, a pair of low-profile chairs eliminates heavy arms that take up visual space and interrupt movement through the conversation area. The open area under the lightweight side table gives the illusion of space. And petite upholstered stools maintain the small scale.

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