Tuesday, May 15, 2012

From Little Girl room to Big Girl room

From Little Girl room to Big Girl room

How quickly children grow.  Just like that, my 9 year old wanted her room to look more "sophisticated" then babyish.  I was hesitant, only because that meant to me that she is getting older.  i wanted to hold onto that little girl image a little longer because before you know it, she'll be a teenagerand then a young adult. 

I did sit down with her to see what her vision was for her room and she gave me her color palette which was blues, browns and creams.  I eliminated a lot of her stuffed animals, knick-nacks, any type of clutter to give her a clean look.  What we both came up with was a modern yet shabby chic style which we both agreed on.  It all came together nicely and hopefully, this bedroom will grow with her into her teenage years.

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