Thursday, May 10, 2012

Doing what I love.....

Just like a lot of women or men these days, I love decorating my home.  Always did, even back when I got my own bedroom as a little girl.  I wanted to put my own touches into it.  As I got older, and got my own house with my husband and kids, my love for decoration soared.  I always found myself buying all the Design magazines in supermarkets, driving around looking at other people's homes. eyeing my friends furnishings, and of course, the fun part, shopping!  I am always in and out of furniture stores, flea markets, Homegoods, where ever I can find items for the home. 

After my kids got a little older, I found myself with more time.  I through myself into decorating our new @nd home from top to bottom.  Everything from paint, to floors, furniture, bedding, window treatments, and accessories.  It all came together beautful.  I then would have friend's say how beautiful this room  was and how they can never envision what I've done.  I would b e asked to assist friend's with their own homes and actually do personnel shopping for them.  From there, it just snow balled into a little business. 

When I am decorating, I am 100% focused.  It's alomst like I have tunnel vision.  I see the vision, and it's my job to see it through. 

Well, that's me in a nutshell.  Hope you enjoyed reading my blog and hopefully it gives you the inspiration to do what you love to do......


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