Thursday, May 17, 2012

Combining styles in any room......

A well decorated home is one unified whole with rooms that blend and relate to each other like members of a family.
When you are dealing with furniture, the whole collection must take priority over individual pieces. It is easy to fall under the enchantment of an antique piece of furniture, but you have to consider how it will fit in with everything else. Plus, you have to ask whether it meets your needs. Everybody loves to buy new things, but before you bring in new furniture you must figure out whether to take advantage of what you already have.
You may want to restore or renovate the external appearance of furniture if it is shabby or drab. Decorating is not merely throwing out the old and bringing in the new objects. New furniture is certainly attractive, not to mention pricey, if you were to search second-hand market and antique stores, you would probably come across some surprising pieces of furniture that add a touch of distinction to your home. Remember, that some old furniture has more personality than new designs and can be a source of inspiration as you seek to create your own decorating scheme.

The general rule is that if you have one unique piece of antique furniture, the other, more reserved pieces, should stay out of the limelight. In bigger rooms you can place two or three pieces of antique furniture without overdoing it. Decorating a home is a lifelong process that changes as you adjust. It’s an unfolding experience that lets you express yourself. Enjoy the time you spend doing it.

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